Text Box: Text Box: Aboriginal Americans hunting along the shores of San Francisco Bay early 1500’s

1800’s-Florida Calusa-Seminole squaw with papoose  in Ft. Dallas, Miami, FL.

1565– Ancient ancestor, Holata Outina (King of Many Kings) greets Sir Francis Drake on his shores of “La Florida”.

Text Box: The Calusa-Seminole Indian Nation
of California, Central Florida & Maui, HI
Text Box: The Aboriginal American
Remembering the Calusa-Seminole Pow Wow 
Labor Day Weekend 2012
Palm Bay, Florida

Brother-Friend of the Calusa-Seminole, Ambassador Joe Dan Osceola of the Seminole Tribe of Florida  (CLICK HERE)

2010 Thunderhorse and Irishman John Nolan owner of The Irish Shop, Old Downtown Melbourne, FL.  A great shop to visit!!


Thunderhorse presented one of his paintings to Glennon Doyle III in recognition for works and attentiveness well done.  Glennon is a master  wood carver and has created many beautiful staffs and pieces for Thunderhorse and council members that we treasure!

2010 Seminole Hard Rock Village, Hollywood, FL.

Fall 2011, Calafia Josephine McConnell with Thunderhorse, Joe Dan Osceola and Roberto Castillo,  Peruvian Dignitary.

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California Aboriginal Americans

Depictions of the early Florida Aboriginal American People.